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Thanks for the detailed response. I couldn't find a straightforward answer anywhere.

Mr. KE online enquiry

Thank you again for your kind and speedy help

Mrs. GK online enquiry

Many thanks for your explanation, all understood so far. I'll be back in touch very soon when I get my valuation!

Mr. IJ online enquiry

Nice to get a quick impartial answer for a change. Thanks so much for that. I will ask BT for another income quote and increase the lump sum element.

Mr. JJ second opinion enquiry

Understood (which is unusual!) thanks! I'll come back as soon as I'm ready to speak to someone in detail. I'm getting a spreadsheet together of outgoings etc so want do a quick personal audit first.

Mr. OW online enquiry

Makes sense, and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm sending a friend your way too.

Mr. RW online enquiry

Thanks, I did have a bad feeling. I will steer clear!

Mrs. DB second opinion enquiry

Been looking for a question I knew would be easy for the right person. Thanks. I hope it wasn't too much bother.

Mr. WH online meeting enquiry

Thanks, will be back in touch in the New Year once I've got Christmas out of the way! I've used your letter template and sent that off to 3 pensions so have a bit of waiting to do anyway for them to get back to me.

Mr. SD online meeting enquiry

Had a bad feeling about them. Glad I did more research. Not ready to take the plunge yet, but keep in touch and we will work together soon. Thank you, the tax tests also very useful!

Mr. BL second opinion enquiry

Just to let you know, I'm going ahead with the planning. I think this is the first time I've understood my money. I've happily shredded old statements at last! Freed up a kitchen drawer!

Mrs. HH online meeting enquiry

OK I will ask them directly, their lines are always busy! If you can send the forms to me, that's so useful. Thank you for your quick help.

Ms. ZU online enquiry