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If you haven’t already taken advice, it’s likely you keep your finances in the messy-drawer. Most of us are guilty of receiving statements, which we recognise as important and something we should keep, but file them in a drawer for the future. You’ve moved house, changed partners, birthed children, switched jobs and even moved countries.

You’ve no idea where those important documents are now, and worse, the pension companies or insurers have changed hands, names, contact details. What to do?

We’ve launched a FREE pension research toolkit to help trace your lost pensions. We have found pensions worth tens, even hundreds, of thousands of pounds which were forgotten about! If your lost pension is from past-employment, list your past employers and the dates you worked there, your pension can be traced.

Your pension money is waiting to be claimed!

If you know the name of the pension provider and can provide your key contact information for your time as an active member, we can help let you know who to get in touch with.

Tracing Lost Pensions

If you were a member of a DB scheme, check our database for contact details here. Use the template contact and enquiry letters from our FREE research toolkit. If you’re uncertain of the scheme name, contact the Pension Tracing Service.

It is important you plan your retirement firstly with an audit over what you have in place. If you have several pension policies dotted around, they can benefit from consolidation. A SIPP or QROPS can be used to switch your pension funds into and engage in your planning strategy. By switching funds into one plan, you can streamline your investment strategy and reduce cost.

Trace lost pension plans

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