Top 20 Retirement Planning Questions

Plan a financially secure retirement

Retirement planning is about setting goals and making financial adjustments to best meet them. But what are your retirement goals? Until you understand what you want to achieve from your retirement, you can’t plan it!

Ask yourself the following Top 20 (yes, 20!) questions to start planning your perfect retirement…

  • When will you retire?
  • Will you enter semi retirement with reduced hours or project/contract work?
  • How much income will you need to cover essentials?
  • How much income would you like for your ideal retirement lifestyle, and will this change as you age?
  • Will you qualify for state pension benefits in the UK or elsewhere?
  • Do you have other sources of retirement income, such as property rent or investment dividends?
  • Do you have secure income elsewhere?
  • Can you afford to take investment risk with your pension savings?
  • Where will you live in retirement, will you be under a different currency to GBP?
  • What do your loved ones need from your pensions if you die?
  • Are loved ones financially dependent on you, could they suffer if you die?
  • Will your current pension be available for loved ones upon death and will they be taxed?
  • Could your health affect your long-term personal and financial plans?
  • What if your personal circumstances change before retirement?
  • How much tax will you pay in retirement?
  • Do you have any debts, mortgages or other financial obligations to settle by the time you retire?
  • Could your other wealth (pensions and/or investments) be used to provide a flexible income or meet your unique withdrawal needs?
  • Have you considered protecting your loved ones with financial protection policies?
  • Are you ready to make an educated decision over your pension planning?
  • Do you consider yourself fully informed of your options?

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Top 20 Retirement Planning Questions

Pension Transfer Personality Quiz

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How would you describe your investment or financial planning experience?

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Where will you live in retirement?

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What sort of taxpayer will you be in retirement?

4 / 10

How would you describe your relationship with money and finances?

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Are your essential outgoings already covered by other retirement income?

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Will anyone else be reliant on your pension for their financial security?

7 / 10

When you retire, will you need to withdraw a lump sum?

8 / 10

Do you require ad-hoc access to your pension funds in retirement?

9 / 10

How would your ideal retirement income be structured?

10 / 10

If you died, who would you want to benefit from your pension money?

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