Bank Phishing Scams

Bank phishing scams are becoming increasingly common

If you’ve received an unsolicited call or text from your bank, ALWAYS check by calling your bank using your own bank contact details. Don’t rely on the scammer for the bank’s phone number!

We’ve heard of a few new bank scams, here’s a copy of the latest text-based scam currently being sent to Halifax customers.

If you’ve been targeted, let your bank know so that they can take action.

It is difficult for individuals to take on scammers, but banks and large financial institutions have the power and motivation to do it! If you have suspicions of a scam, by telephone, text or email, take down the details and notify your bank.

The current Halifax text scam looks like this:

Halifax Alert: You have successfully paired a NEW DEVICE on <DATE> at <TIME>. If this was NOT you, visit <scammer’s site we won’t repeat>

The above is a SCAM, which we have confirmed directly with representatives at Halifax. If you receive something similar, delete it and contact your bank for direct reassurance.

If you’re taking financial advice, ensure the firm is regulated by searching our online directory. Unfortunately, poor advice and investment scams are common.

Bank Phishing Scams
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