Calculate your retirement age!

Introducing our new retirement age calculator

Use our free pension retirement age calculator to find out when you can afford to stop work!

Our calculator projects your current funds and regular savings, comparing this to how much money you need. Find out what age you’ll be able to retire and achieve your financial goals.

How does the retirement age calculator work?

Firstly, enter your current age and total retirement savings to date. Include all your cash and investments you’ve earmarked as retirement wealth. Next, input how much you are, or can afford, to save each month. This will help us understand your future pension savings ‘accrual’. Enter a rate of investment/interest return you think is achievable, we’ve used 5.5% as a mid-range example.

How much should you enter as a retirement need? This is expressed in our calculator as a target retirement fund value. If you’re not sure of the pot value you need, think about the income you want and multiply it by 20. This should give you a good idea for a healthy starting fund.

The Retirement Age Calculator

Retirement Age Calculator

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Calculate your retirement age!

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How would you describe your relationship with money and finances?

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Are your essential outgoings already covered by other retirement income?

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Will anyone else be reliant on your pension for their financial security?

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When you retire, will you need to withdraw a lump sum?

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