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Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) Calculation Estimator

We’re pleased to launch our new calculator for defined benefit transfer values. Our calculator has been designed to provide you with a rough estimate of the transfer value you may be quoted by your pension scheme.

All you need is the information from your DB pension at the date you left scheme membership. If you’re not sure on finding this information, read through your pension statement and look for an income value quoted as being correct at ‘date of leaving’. This is the point your final salary pension income was secured and preserved for your retirement.

Pension transfer calculator

Claim your guaranteed Cash Equivalent Transfer Value

In order to gain a guaranteed CETV calculation, you will need to contact your scheme and request this. We can help you research your pensions properly with our free pension toolkit.

A guaranteed CETV can only be provided by your pension administrators. Search our pension scheme database for contact details. Let us know if you struggle to trace your pension provider.

Once a pension transfer value is obtained, it will be guaranteed for 3 months, allowing you to make a decision as to what’s best for your planning. If you consider a transfer, you will need a UK FCA regulated Pension Transfer Specialist to provide advice. Let us know and we can put you in touch with the right specialist.

NEW! Pension Transfer Value Calculator

Pension Transfer Personality Quiz

Take our free pension transfer personality quiz to find out if a pension transfer is right for you!

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Are your essential outgoings already covered by other retirement income?

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Will anyone else be reliant on your pension for their financial security?

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When you retire, will you need to withdraw a lump sum?

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Do you require ad-hoc access to your pension funds in retirement?

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How would your ideal retirement income be structured?

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If you died, who would you want to benefit from your pension money?

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