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Calculate your minimum UK State Pension, instantly

Sometimes you’re just looking for a quick estimate. Our UK State Pension calculator estimates the minimum you should be eligible for from the UK State Pension.

We develop our calculators in-house to best suit enquiries from our readers. We’ve had an influx of questions recently about the UK State Pension and what you could expect as a UK State Pension income. We’ve discussed the UK state pension for expatriates in a previous article. Here, we’re launching our quick & easy minimum state pension entitlement calculator.

Our State Pension Calculator

Our calculator is very simple, just enter the amount of UK National Insurance Contributions you’re credited with. The minimum National Insurance contributions required to have eligibility to the UK state pension is 10 years. The maximum requirement, to achieve the maximum UK state pension, is 35.

Get a UK State Pension forecast

We hope our quick calculator helps give you an idea of the minimum income you could look forward to in retirement. However, it’s important to gain an accurate statement of entitlement. Visit the UK’s state pension website and register to gain an accurate forecast of your UK State Pension benefits.

You may be eligible for more than the basic UK State Pension

For those born after 2000, our calculator should be a good estimate of State pension entitlement. If you were born before 2000 (most of us) or worked in the UK as a non-UK national prior to 2015, you may have additional UK state pension credits.

Additional UK state pension credits include SERPS, the Graduated State Pension and S2P. If you earned more than the upper National Insurance threshold during your UK working career, (enjoyed earnings higher than c.£40,000 per annum) then it is certainly worth exploring your UK State Pension Benefits further.

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