update to pension scheme database

We’ve updated our defined benefit pension scheme database

Our pension scheme database offers headline scheme benefit information and contact details for an array of UK final salary schemes.

We want to help you trace lost pension money. Use our database to find the contact details for your scheme, and with our free research toolkit, you can get in touch with them to ask all the right questions about your plan.

We’ve added FIVE major pensions to our online database

As active pensions advisers, we have experience across most defined benefit pension schemes. As we receive client pension statements, we do our best to update our pension database to help you.

Most pension schemes aren’t run directly by your former employer. Many are under the management of major pension administrators such as Capita, Willis Towers Watson or Mercer. Pension scheme administrators can now be contacted easily via email.

Our database kept updated with the telephone and email contact details for a huge range of UK company pension schemes. If your pension isn’t listed, get in touch with us as we would be delighted to add to our directory.

1. Royal Bank of Scotland Group Pension Fund

As with many bank schemes, the RBS pension scheme is managed carefully. We understand the scheme to be healthy, however have not seen a recent funding statement. We’ve seen various clients with RBS pensions, all of whom held a scheme retirement age of 60 years. This may be different for more recent members, but we believe it to be a scheme-wide benefit.

This scheme offers a spousal pension income equal to 50% of the member’s with some children’s pension benefits. See our database for the most recent scheme contact details.

2. Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund

The Barclays pension has gone through a lot of changes over the years. We understand this scheme to be healthy, as with most banking pensions. We know the plan to offer a 60 year scheme retirement age, which is a good benefit considering most DB schemes are age 65.

See the database for scheme contact details. Due to the various section changes over time, most of the Barclays pension benefits are member-specific; dependent on your years’ service and seniority.

3. HSBC Bank (UK) Pension Scheme

While the HSBC bank scheme retirement age is 65 years, many members with early service will be eligible for retirement benefits unreduced from age 60.

This pension typically holds a ‘bridging pension’ benefit. This is where the pension income is higher in the early years, and income reduces when the member reaches State Pension Age. As a particularly member-specific pension, it is important to contact the administrators and find out your specific member benefits.

4. Railways Pension Scheme (various sections)

We have listed the general contact details of the Railways Pension Scheme to help you get in touch and research your plan.

The Railways Scheme was separated into many different sections, some have already entered the Pension Protection Fund and can no longer be transferred. The general contact details for Railways pension benefits are the same – so search our database and ensure you use our research toolkit to ask the right questions. Some sections of the Railways scheme are still running, but we have seen some poor transfer values recently.

5. Ford Salaried Contribution Pension Fund

The Ford pension offers a normal scheme retirement age of 65 years. As with many schemes, it has some different sections within it which offer different member benefits – particularly over how income links to inflation. This pension offers a 50% spousal income death benefit with a five year guarantee.

We haven’t seen a recent Ford funding calculation, but the last calculation we hold on file is from March 2017, showing a large deficit in funding of £636m. This meant the Ford pension was just 90% funded.

Pension Scheme Database Updated!

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