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We’ve added a FULL pension jargon glossary!

Half the work in planning retirement is wading through financial jargon. As we recently discussed, the DWP appear to have recognised this, and are working to compel pension providers to better explain themselves and provide pension members with digestible information.

Pensions talk in another language altogether. As industry professionals, we use acronyms and abbreviations most of the time. In any profession this is commonplace, but financial advisers should work to help clients better understand their finances. How can you be expected to make an important decision about your financial planning if you don’t understand the options?

Head to our Pension Jargon page and scroll down to search over 100 pension definitions

Our pension jargon glossary contains a short definition for over 100 pension terms! We’ve taken the most common terms used in pension planning advice, benefit statements and reports and added a brief explanation for each.

If you have anything more to add, get in touch with us, we will be happy to bolster our glossary. For a better explanation, or help understanding what it all means to you, send us a message. We respond to all web enquiries within 24 hours.

Use our pension glossary to better understand your pension statements

Head to our resources page for a full guide to pension jargon, or to search our online pension glossary for technical terms. We hope our pension jargon buster and online pension glossary can help anyone who has recently received a pension statement or CETV pack.

Our pension glossary contains a lot of information about defined benefit pensions. We aim to help you understand everything about your DB pension statement, Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) and the technical, analysis and suitability reports which would be provided to you by a UK FCA Pension Transfer Specialist adviser.

Pension benefit statements can contain a lot of technical information. It’s important to understand it all before you make any changes. Some changes to pension plans, like transferring out of a DB scheme, are irreversible. Read up on your pension options and speak to a professional adviser before adjusting your long-term pension planning.

Learn the language of pension jargon

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