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This website aims to provide FREE technical guides, research tools, blogs and calculators. We want to help develop your financial knowledge and better your understanding of retirement and pension planning. We aim to help you consider financial planning options and digest technical terms and phrases. If you’re not interested in the jargon, get in touch and we will connect you with a regulated adviser straight away!

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Tools & Resources for Retirement

We also offer a free pension research toolkit to help search for and investigate your pensions. Our database of contact information for UK pension schemes is also available online. As is our full directory of international regulators. We offer all the tools you need to understand your pension policies and take steps toward retirement.

We want to be your resource for pension and retirement information. If you have any ideas or feedback to help us improve our site, please get in touch. We are busy developing the site to be a one-stop pension and retirement resource.

Our Retirement Calculators

Our online pension and retirement calculators produce free and downloadable tables and graphs. These can be adjusted and printed off to keep a track on your planning. Remember our calculators are just simple online tools. A professional financial adviser will use the latest financial analysis tools to provide a full technical and cashflow analysis.

Our Pension Transfer Calculator

Our CETV calculator has been designed to help you estimate the likely transfer value of your DB pension. Simply enter the information from your pension statement. Our transfer value calculator doesn’t require any updated pension information. All information required should appear on any pension benefit statement you’ve received since you left pensionable service.

Our News & Blog

Our news and blog is regularly updated. It contains the latest news and information about international pension planning.

For more information about how professional advisory calculators work, including pension transfer specialist tools like pension transfer value calculators, TVC and APTA reports – search our blog.

Pension Transfer Personality Quiz

Take our free pension transfer personality quiz to find out if a pension transfer is right for you!

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How would you describe your investment or financial planning experience?

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Where will you live in retirement?

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What sort of taxpayer will you be in retirement?

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How would you describe your relationship with money and finances?

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Are your essential outgoings already covered by other retirement income?

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Will anyone else be reliant on your pension for their financial security?

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When you retire, will you need to withdraw a lump sum?

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Do you require ad-hoc access to your pension funds in retirement?

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How would your ideal retirement income be structured?

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If you died, who would you want to benefit from your pension money?

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Pension Knowledge Test

Test your knowledge with our quick quiz! Like learning? Restart the quiz to explore our question bank!

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What do RPI, CPI, AWE and LPI have in common?

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What is a Pension Transfer Specialist?

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What is a mixed-asset investment fund?

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If a private pension member dies at age 60 with a pension pot of £500,000, how much is available to their loved ones?

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Who is the UK financial regulator for pension advice?

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