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Use our FREE pension calculators to help understand your pension savings and options at retirement.

Its is important that you consider all of your assets which will be used in retirement. Many don’t limit their retirement income to pensions. If you have rental income, a UK or other State pension, ISAs, endowments or other savings, these can all be used to generate retirement income.

Our Pension Calculators

Our free online pension calculators will help plan your retirement. Think about what you need in retirement. Will you travel and enjoy expensive hobbies in the early years? Do you wish to leave a nest egg for loved ones when you die? Are your regular pension savings enough to meet the lifestyle you want?

We are busy developing our pension calculators and value your feedback.

Transfer Value Calculator

Our CETV calculator estimates your scheme Cash Equivalent Transfer Value. A valuable tool for DB scheme members; the calculator is a specifically designed tool to help anyone with a final salary or career average pension scheme. Our tool projects your preserved pension income and estimates both a ‘capitalised value’ and a pension transfer value.

The capitalised value is the amount your pension is ‘tested’ against the pension lifetime allowance. A pension transfer value is the amount you can take away to a private pension in lieu of your frozen pension income.

Retirement Age Calculator

Our pension age calculator soaks up the details of your current pension wealth and regular savings. Using this age calculator, you will find out the age at which you can afford to retire.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Our pension savings calculator lets you know how much you should be saving into a pension each month to reach your goals.

If you live abroad, consider saving this amount regularly outside of UK pensions. Once you get back to the UK, you can then contribute a lump sum to your pension and claim UK tax relief! As long as you’ve got UK earnings, you can gain tax relief. Pensions are valuable tax efficient savings vehicles, but make sure you benefit from UK tax relief.

UK State Pension Income Calculator

Our State Pension Income calculator considers your UK National Insurance Contribution record. This calculator provides an estimate over the minimum income you can look forward to in retirement from the UK State Pension. If you’ve earned higher than NICs thresholds, you may be entitled to more in additional State pension credits. This can be found in further detail by requesting a State Pension forecast.

UK State Pension Age Calculator

Our State Pension Age calculator works for the latest UK State Pension rules. Simply select the date range for your date of birth and our calculator will instantly tell you the age you will be eligible for State Pension income.

How do the pension calculators work?

Our free calculators come with graphical results, showing how your savings could grow and when you could afford to retire. Adjust the calculator to fit your needs, your age, currency, target retirement date and expected growth rate.

What next?

A regulated adviser can use professional projection and cashflow planning tools. These cashflow planning tools account for all of your existing wealth and conduct ‘what if?’ scenarios for planning. What if you have another child? Remortgage? Die? Cashflow planning tools can be the key to peace of mind as well as a long-term component of professional planning.

If you’re not yet ready for advice, use our pension calculators first and make an outline of the retirement plan you think will work best. That will help any future adviser design your perfect pension plan.

Pension Transfer Personality Quiz

Take our free pension transfer personality quiz to find out if a pension transfer is right for you!

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How would you describe your relationship with money and finances?

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Are your essential outgoings already covered by other retirement income?

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Will anyone else be reliant on your pension for their financial security?

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When you retire, will you need to withdraw a lump sum?

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Do you require ad-hoc access to your pension funds in retirement?

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How would your ideal retirement income be structured?

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If you died, who would you want to benefit from your pension money?

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Pension Knowledge Test

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Who is the UK financial regulator for pension advice?

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