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UK state pension age calculator

What age can I claim the UK State Pension?

The UK State Pension is changing. Much has been said of the increasing UK State Pension age, with speculation of it rising further. 

We have developed a quick and easy UK State Pension calculator. Our calculator will let you know the age you will be eligible to claim your ‘old age pension’. This calculator is up to date with the latest rules, but remember, the UK State pension is a popular political toy, and subject to further changes.

UK State Pension Age Calculator

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Changes to the UK State Pension Age

The State Pension is now gender-equal, meaning that males and females will be eligible to claim the UK State pension at equal ages.

The state pension age continues to increase over time. Those born after 1977 will not be eligible for the UK state pension until after they reach age 67. Beyond this, the UK State Pension age is due to rise to be ten years later than the UK minimum private pension age. From 2028, the UK minimum retirement age for private pensions will be 57 years. Further increases over time are unclear, but expected.

With more changes to the UK State Pension Age expected in the future, it is important not to rely on the UK State Pension income when planning your retirement.

Most financial planners calculate the UK State pension as a ‘bonus’ to income planning. It is a great retirement payrise to look forward to, but for most, becomes available much later than they actually stop work.

Those retiring earlier than State Pension age need to fund their retirement with other resources. A good retirement plan includes a portfolio of income-producing assets, such as private pensions, ISAs, cash resources, direct holdings and property.

Now you know the age you will be entitled to UK State pension income benefits, calculate the State Pension income amount you will get.

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