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Take some time to educate yourself on financial planning options, terms and phrases, before you consider engaging the services of a professional adviser. 

Written and designed by financial experts, we offer a FULL SET of FREE technical guidance documents on important planning topics. Each guide is written for us only; you won’t find technical detail like this from any other firm.

Our pension planning guides are designed specifically for non-UK nationals and expats. We’ve linked to firms across the world to ensure clients get the very best UK pension planning advice.

Our range of pension planning guides provide a wealth of free information

We are always looking at ways to help our readers and arm them with the very best professional tools and guidance to make informed planning decisions.

If you think of anything we’ve missed, or if there’s anything else you want to know and understand, please get in touch. We feature a lot of planning tips and ideas in our blog and would be delighted to add topics that interest you.

What’s in a pension guide?

Our range of FREE financial guides includes:

UK Taxation for Expats

A helpful guide to taxation. This free guide offers an outline of the latest UK tax and how this impacts non-UK residents. We have included a full UK residency test and UK taxation tables updated for the 2020/21 tax year!

A Guide to Lifetime Allowance Tax & Planning

Find out about the UK pension lifetime allowance tax. Our pension guide includes a history of the LTA, changes over time and how to calculate your tax exposure. This guide contains helpful information and tips about how to legally and properly avoid the LTA taxes using HMRC protection and careful Benefit Crystalisation planning.

A Guide to Pension Transfers

Pension transfer advice is highly sought after. Pension transfer specialists are a rare breed, and finding one to work with international clients can be tricky! Read our guide to understand whether a pension transfer could be right for you, before we connect you to a regulated adviser.

A Guide to QROPS & International Pensions

This is for anyone who either already has a QROPS in their portfolio, or is considering one. Our guide includes all the information you need to understand your overseas pension. QROPS can be excellent planning tools, but are often misused. Find out if a QROPS fits your planning and what changes you can make if it doesn’t.

Financial Repatriation

Returning to the UK? Before you leave it’s important to review your financial assets. Overseas investments sit under a different regulatory and tax environment than the UK. Some require adjustments to ensure they report correctly for UK tax. Without preparing investments correctly, you could be stung with a big tax bill.

Retirement Options

Our guide to pension and retirement options is a vital tool for anyone approaching retirement. Dependent on the pensions you have, they will work in different ways. You will be asked to make important decisions when you retire. Read our free pension guide to find out what fits your planning best.

The Pension Jargon Buster

Our jargon buster guide aims to decipher all those complex financial terms. We realise as financial professionals that we talk a lot of jargon. We also know how many acronyms pop up in our day to day lives! This guide aims to help you understand your pension statement and retirement planning.

Pension Transfer Personality Quiz

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Are your essential outgoings already covered by other retirement income?

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Will anyone else be reliant on your pension for their financial security?

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When you retire, will you need to withdraw a lump sum?

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Do you require ad-hoc access to your pension funds in retirement?

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How would your ideal retirement income be structured?

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If you died, who would you want to benefit from your pension money?

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Can a UK pension pay retirement income in another currency than GBP?

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Can a UK pension be fully withdrawn?

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