Repatriating financial assets to the UK

Returning to the UK regulatory, tax and legal system can be daunting for those who have lived and worked abroad for a long time. It is important to consider financial repatriation – a safe transition for overseas assets.

The importance of correct reporting & safe financial repatriation

Wealth portfolio and taxation planning can become complex when you’re considering moving back home. Many assume the UK taxation system will ‘go after’ their hard-earned savings. This typically isn’t the case, and when planned properly, a return home can be a good financial move. Repatriating your finances shouldn’t be difficult, but there are some important steps to follow.

Get the right advice before you move.

A UK qualified adviser will be able to guide you through further planning options to best suit your situation and objectives. Choose a firm with cross-border presence with the knowledge and ability to properly repatriate your financial assets.

Careful consideration over pension, wealth, income and lifetime allowance taxes must be made before making any changes to your plans, to avoid unforeseen penalties.  

How we can help

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