Understand your pension options at retirement

What happens at-retirement? Our guide will help you understand your options at the point of stopping work. Understand the transition to relying on pensions. Read about how your pension moves from the accumulation to the withdrawal stage. Learn how to design a retirement income plan to best suit you.

Pension statements can be very confusing, and the many options they give to members when they reach retirement age can be daunting.

Pension Options Guide

In our guide, we explain what your statements and options mean, and help you to think about your retirement goals and how best to achieve them with your wealth portfolio. If you need more specific information about your circumstances and options, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are retirement options?

As you approach retirement, your pension provider will begin to contact you regularly. You will be presented with a myriad of options, and if you ‘do nothing’ you could be putting your funds at risk. In some cases, pension investment strategies are automated, this is called lifestyling and isn’t always appropriate.

When you retire, your pension needs to be adjusted from the ‘savings and accumulation stage’ to generating your retirement income.

At retirement, you will be offered the option to take a lump sum. This might be attractive, but will it affect your pension income? You must understand the options presented to you by your pension provider in order to make an informed decision. Our planning guide aims to help you make good retirement decisions, if you need any support from an adviser just let us know.

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