Protect your UK Pension from Lifetime Allowance Taxes

Save tax with sensible, long-term, strategic planning


Expert guidance from a UK Regulated, Chartered Pension Transfer Specialist!

Written for the 2020/21 tax year

Our FREE 8-page planning guide has been written exclusively for us by a UK regulated Pension Transfer Specialist.

If you hold a large pension fund, claim your FREE expert guide for planning tips & techniques. 

The lifetime allowance pension tax is between 25% and 55%. We have helped pension members save tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds with sensible planning. 

LTA planning techniques are strategic, NOT tax avoidance.

Our FREE guide to the pension Lifetime Allowance (LTA) was written exclusively for! 

This guide to the pension lifetime allowance was prepared by a Chartered & Regulated Pension Transfer Specialist in the UK. 


Our FREE Guide includes: 


  • A background to the lifetime allowance (LTA) and what it means for your savings
  • HMRC Lifetime Allowance protection & how they work – Fixed & Individual Protection 2016 explained
  • A guide to all LTA protection options available under HMRC for current pension members
  • Bonus planning options available only for expats 
  • Lifetime Allowance taxes & calculations demonstrated & explained
  • Help to calculate your current & future LTA exposure
  • A full schedule of Benefit Crystalisation Events (BCEs), how & when tax is taken
  • Crystalisation events to plan for and how they could affect your pension
  • Guide to triggering a crystalisation event early, to avoid LTA taxes
  • Sensible, legal and HMRC approved planning tips & techniques
  • Uses & dangers of QROPS in lifetime allowance tax planning
  • What to do if you think your pension funds could be affected