UK Tax Residence & Cross-Border Tax Planning

The UK holds taxation treaties with many countries around the World. As a UK resident, you may be taxed on your foreign income by the UK and by the country where your income is from. If you have UK income sources, you may be subject to tax at source under PAYE.

There are plenty of ways to ensure you both comply with tax regulation and reporting, while positioning your wealth to maximise tax efficiency. Our guide is designed to help you understand the UK tax system and whether you are liable to UK tax and reporting.

Planning under the UK tax system

If you live abroad, you may be taxed locally as well as being subject to UK taxation for income sources in the UK. You may still hold UK pension or property income. This must be declared to the tax authorities, but reliefs often apply. 

You can usually claim tax relief to get some or all UK tax back. Going forward, you can ask HMRC to recognise you as a non-UK taxpayer and provide a no-tax code. This can be very helpful when taking pension income; the administrators can adjust your net income under their PAYE system.

How you are taxed depends on your resident status. Your claim for relief will depend on whether your income has been taxed twice, and what UK/overseas tax agreement applies. Your personal tax code can be registered with HMRC by presenting your overseas tax identification as proof.

Read our guidance documents, and contact us if you have any questions about pension tax, or cross-border tax planning and relief.

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