Repatriating your pensions and finances to the UK

If you have lived and worked abroad, it may be that you took out a form of savings or investment overseas.

Before returning as a UK tax resident, your financial assets should be reviewed and ‘repatriated’. It is important that you understand your financial policies, their benefits and limitations and review your planning regularly.

Dependent on the type of investments you hold, you may have funds in an overseas ‘tax wrapper’.

Your plan might need ‘unwrapping’.

While you’ve been a non-UK resident, your funds have benefited from gross growth and tax deferral. This, however, could also mean that your policy requires close inspection and adjustments in order to become UK tax ‘compliant’. This means your financial plan needs to conform with the UK investment rules and tax policies before you return as a tax resident. Repatriating financial assets can be a simple process, but is vital to ensure your international funds are not adversely, or retrospectively, taxed.

What to do if you’re returning to the UK

For more information and guidance about moving your money home, read our Guide to Financial Repatriation.

When you’re ready, contact us. We work with firms who can help repatriate your financial assets to the UK. We have partner firms with presence in the UK and across the World, with relationships across a wide range of UK and international investment providers, with experience in managing clients as they move their lives and finances cross-border.

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