Get a second opinion about your pension planning

Holding assets in different jurisdictions can be beneficial. Properly structured cross-border portfolios are specialist and subject to tax scrutiny.

We have found many expats to have taken out international holdings without a full understanding of their reporting requirements. Without the right advice, cross-border income and holdings can become dangerous.

If you think the advice you’ve received has been poor or limited in its scope, it’s important to get a second opinion. We have dealt with many individuals who have lost money in a growth-market or found unexpected costs deducted in their pension statements Some simply find their consultant difficult to deal with, losing confidence in their abilities.

Our panel of experts offer a second opinion service to all, free of charge

We are passionate about good advice. Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation chat with a financial expert, to offer you a valuable second opinion over your long-term financial planning.

Over the years, all professional advisers have offered a second opinion service, with horrifying results. We have seen the financial scams, and know what to look for. It’s easy to fall for a well-executed scam, and trust an ‘adviser’ who seems to know it all.

If you have concerns over the advice you’ve received or the investment portfolio you hold, you must have it professionally reviewed. A regulated professional will offer a valuable, impartial second opinion, and may assist you in preparing a complaints case if necessary.

If you’re concerned about your portfolio, get it checked.

Do your research – understand your current pension before you consider alternatives

Contact your scheme directly to find out more information about your benefits before you take advice. Use our free research toolkit to make sure you ask the right questions.

Search for your pension in our scheme database where you will find scheme information and contact details.

Protect yourself from financial scams and recognise good advice simply by putting a little effort into your research.

Check the appropriate regulatory registers and look into the investment holdings you have.

Read our guide to Retirement Options to better understand your pension policies and the options available to you.

There are many useful online tools available to research investment funds and holdings. This can offer peace of mind to investors, allowing those concerned about their portfolio to conduct their own wider research.

Online Investment Research Tools

If you need help researching your pensions or investments, get in touch and let us help.

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